Friday, December 21, 2007

cameron is 8 and he wants a ripstick ( i think its some type of skateboard with only 2 wheels).

austin is is 7 and he wants a pogostick.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Each year, we try to choose a family to focus a little bit more effort towards. Usually our decision is based on unusual circumstances that have placed them on the streets or about to loose everything. This family below is our choice for this year. I requested the mother to email her situation(after I spent several hours this weekend on the phone with her and other people who are familiar with her story), so you can read for yourself. Kelly had requested just the basic needs for her children, but upon my insistance, I had her make a list of everything and anything she could think of that would make life a little bit easier for her.

Due to our home invasion I am not asking for many wants, but more so needs . I have composed a list to try to make it easier to view.. Everything was destroyed with frigerator condiments, the carpet stained, ketchup on the walls, all our furniture shredded with what appeared to be a knife, needless to say the house still needs a lot and I have several small things that are hard to keep in the house.

I will be with no income other than 80.00 a week until social security kicks in and we need the day to day things..Thank you so much for taking time to read. In case you need to know the reason for my situation , I was away for treatments when the home destruction occured and I am currently experiencing side effects which keep me out of work. I have a rare ocular cancer that affects my sight that developed a little over 5 years ago. This also has a major effect on my spine and the doctors have suggested a shunt be placed in my spine, but due to finances, it is not an option. Prior to this disease, I had never been in this type of situation. As a matter of fact, the last Christmas before I started getting sick, I had adopted a family during the holidays, now we are the ones who needs to be adopted. After I found out I was sick, my husband walked out on us, leaving very little assistance for our needs and slowly I lost most of my ability to work. And many may know, disability is a long and slow process. Needless to say, my children are the ones I am most concerned about.

Thank you so much for contacting me and to those who recommended me just when I was so upset... but I am trying to think like my children said,when I said "this christmas is going to have to be just us" their response was ..Per Shawn"we have you mom, who cares about presents" I broke down and realized I have what matters the most...the love of my children..May everyone be blessed and have a happy holiday!

I wil first list for my children for christmas:

He wears 32x32 levis and anything surf brand shirts, an antenna for his tv, cotton boxers in 32-34, socks ..likes low cut white crew, likes flannel pants and white tees for sleeping, he needs an electric razor as my baby is becoming a man and shows this as he tries so hard to help take care of us

Shawn Michael~ 13 year old male~(keep in mind this one is diabetic please) his wish is an I pod, he also would love a guitar to learn on, his game system was stolen in invasion~ even a used one would be nice, he wears a size 10/12 in jeans ..not any particuluar brand is fine~ wrangler carpenters fit him best~ from wal mart, he wears a size 6 shoe and needs socks also, some pj's would be nice

Harley ann~10 year old female, loves baby alive~ her biggest request~ wants all the high school musical dolls, would like to do her room in high school musical pastel theme, tv was stolen in invasion would like one with antenna~used is fine, needs tennis shoes in 4 1/2 and socks, dress soes same size, needs pj's bad!! size 16, she wears 14/16 in pants and x large or 16/18 in shirts, needs two sets of 34" blinds..white

The folowing is a list of household needs to carry me through, I was asked to list everything..dont expect to receive all but any is greatly appreciated:

1)hygene items such as shampoo, conditioner liq soap, toothpaste ,toilet paper
2)kitchen needs , a full utensil set would be awesome, some cutting knives , A set of pots and pans skillet,dish rags, and towels
3) laundry supplies
4) my king size mattress was slashed Would love to get off the springs,lol! my boxspring survived
5)need bathroom towels and rugs I have painted and put up beach border..would love to get a curtain in beige shell theme and some rugs.the walls are like a teal blue
6)the rooms are the following size for carpet
master bdroom 10x11...two kids rooms 10x12 room...11x14
7)An entertainment center that can hold a 32' tv

Kelly (Mother)
The following are a couple of wants for myself but not!! needs
1) first and foremost..if anyone knows someone who has a car and it is drivable..I am paying a fortune in taxi fares to get my son and myself over to chkd for his endecronologist appointments. Would be able to get tags etc.. with tax return.The home invaders stole it and pushed it engine first in water.
2)bras and undergarments..38 d with underwire works best for flannel pajama set would be nice. maybe some slippers
3)I have always wanted to replace my front yard swing and bushes but unable too save to do it
4)I have been invited to a celebration of new year all expenses paid would love a dress and shoes..jc penneys has a great sale going
5) last..I really would love a shed. my son recieved a scooter to transport to school after I lost my car and he has to bring it into what used to be family game room. I would love to get the lawn things and scooter in a storage shed and be able to get the back room refurbished with a futon, had to make it joshs bed after invasion.. and the good old lava lamps and throw pillows where the kids and I spend our love time.. I would love to have our old house put back together more than anything...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Michelle (single Mother) 30 yrs old I could really use pajama's ( size x-large) and I also like any bath items ADOPTED

Joseph almost 7 months old ( d.o.b 5-16-07) he likes Elmo, baby Spiderman or anything for a baby; also could use some clothing ADOPTED

Jennifer & John (parents) aren't looking for anything for themselves, but a grocery store coupon (for a family of 7 WOW!) would be nice

Kyle age 10 wears a 10 jeans and top, and a size 3 shoe. He likes wwe wrestlers and action figures, ds games, and yu-gi-oh cards, and game cube games.

Jack age 8 wears a 10 pants and top, and a size 2 shoe. He likes the same things as kyle, except he likes cars and trucks instead of wwe wrestlers.

Andrew age 6 is in a size 6 jeans and top and wears a size 1 shoe. He likes the same things as jack and kyle, and he likes dinosaurs.

Haylie age 3 is in a 5T tops and jeans, and a size 10 toddler shoe. She likes barbie, dora, and princess things, and she's crazy about pink.

Emma age 17 months is in a 24 months pants and tops, and a size 6 toddler shoe. She likes anything that makes noise and that she can chew on.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Robert 44 years old nice dress sweaters for work size L/XL ADOPTED

Brian and Jenna (parents)- hand mixer, toaster, books about drawing.

Nathaniel 2 years old- size 4T clothes, needs socks, shoes size 9, Toys: Loves anything Diego, Little people, books, and music.

Kathryn 4 years old- size 4/6 girls or 5T. Loves anything pink or purple. Toys: Anything Barbie, or Princesses, loves baby dolls. She is a girly girl. Books. She has learned her letters and is beginning to learn to read.

Zachary 7 years old- size 7 slim jeans, size 7 in dress pants his school is a uniform school so docker style navy or khaki in color. He is into anything super hero wise. He loves to read and is reading short- med. lenght chapter books. He is in 2nd grade. He loves music and art.

Tonya (single Mother) 37 years old underwear, clothes, socks size 3x or 4x

Griffin 5 years old Action figures [spider man superman] ADOPTED

Wynter 8 years old barbie anything ADOPTED

Liberty 3 years old baby doll anything ADOPTED

Antonio 11 years old he'd love a game boy or some thing like that ADOPTED

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Jessica (single Mother) 25 yrs old Pants =22-23, Shirts =XL - 2x
I would really love a color TV of any size for the family :)
But my kids are most important! ADOPTED

Matthew 5yrs old size 10 husky
He loves anything syder-man ADOPTED

Kendra 2yrs old size 2T
She loves Dora the explorer ADOPTED

Both children are in need of clothing

This weekend I will be posting names, ages and wishes for those of you who would like to adopt somebody. But, give me some time; if you don't see anyone you would like to adopt, keep checking back. As people are adopted, I will post beside their name. Send me an email to confirm or call me 757-746-7432.